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Cocktail Napkin #3: The Margarita

Hola! It’s time for another cocktail napkin to show up! This time it’s got a Mexican flavor.  I sure do love going to Mexican restaurants for their delicious margaritas.  Some like them frozen.  Some like them on the rocks.  I like margaritas cold and moving from the glass to my mouth.


For this I focused on greens and decided to use a split-stitch for the glass to mix it up.  Now, the picture does not nearly capture the awesomeness of the metallic thread.  What?! You don’t see any metallic thread?  That’s cause my lil camera phone instagram camera-phone couldn’t capture the brilliant white metallic thread I used at the top to “salt” the glass.  Margarita’s are great, but I sure do love the salt at the top.  The pattern for this comes from Sublime Stitching.  There’s a link to the post where I first discuss that book below.

It is officially the weekend!  Now go get yourself a margarita!

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One response

  1. Jeffrey Ingman

    I love the napkin and I love me a margarita!

    Can I have a margarita with a napkin – please.

    October 18, 2011 at 1:10 am

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