Gay Adventures in Domesticity

Extreme Domestigay Makeover: Round One

I decided it was time to make domestigay gayer.  This blog needed to be prettier.  So, I made it prettier.

This means that if you subscribe to the blog via an rss feed or e-mail, you should actually visit the site!

This is the first step of many in which I hope to create a coherent domestigay look.  I wanted something that would remind my lovely readers of a late 1950s or early 1960s house.  Think Bewitched.  Think Laverne and Shirley.  And if you are one of the few people who read this blog that are not familiar with such shows, think Mad Men So drawing on inspiration from Anne Taintor, advertisements, and cartoons, the designer created this magnificence.  

Natalie from Moxie Tonic designed this banner and the button below for me.  She is a miracle worker.  She took my mind, read it, and then designed this awesomeness.  Natalie also designs amazingly beautiful social networking icons, custom signatures, and other blogging essentials.  She also has an amazing website (linked above) in which she gives super secret information about Etsy success.  I highly recommend working with her if you own a blog and want some custom designs.  You can purchase her products at her Etsy store.

This is only the first step for domestigay.  I am now looking for amazing backgrounds, new layouts, inspirational logos, blog-business cards, and more!  If you have any suggestions, I’m more than happy to take them!

What domestigay projects are you working on this weekend?


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2 responses

  1. Very nice layout! I admit, I had a hard time reading some of the words in your old layout b/c the color was too close to the bluejeans color of the background. This is crisp, fun, and very Bewitched-like.

    October 8, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    • Oh, no! You should have told me sooner that you had a hard time reading it! I’m glad you like it! *note the double-exclamation points just for you!* On another note, sorry I missed knitting today. There was a missing wallet crisis that kept me tearing up my apartment instead of spending some quality knitting time with you and everyone else.

      October 8, 2011 at 7:58 pm

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