Gay Adventures in Domesticity

Cocktail Napkin #2: Martini!

What is this? TWO domestigay posts in ONE day?  How can it be?  Procrastination is the key!

I love martinis.  I almost had a martini last night called “Sexy Bartender,” but decided a gin and tonic was in order.  Martinis are delicious.  They can be even more delicious when consumed with a hand-stitched cocktail napkin.  Check it out.

Can you tell I was stressed when I stitched the bottom half?  Look at how small those stitches are compared to the rest!  I used a split stitch for the olive.  I don’t like the split stitch very much because it never looks how I think it should look in my head.  This is much closer to how I think it should look though.

This pattern comes from the Sublime Stitching book.  I tell ya, that Jenny Hart makes cool stuff.


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