Gay Adventures in Domesticity

Who’s that?

Domestigay?  What is that?  Who is that?  What are you talking about?

It’s been awhile. Okay. A week.

I’ve been updating only on weekends for awhile, now.  Do you know why?

Of course you know why.  I’ve started school again.  When I start school every other part of my life suffers—unfortunately this includes domestigay.  BUT I will be sure to continue posting AT LEAST once a week.  So without further ado, I present the most random and disjointed post ever!

I started a dishcloth yesterday.  I worked on this dishcloth a bit today.  I ripped this dishcloth apart.  Working with cotton yarn and wooden needles is like walking into a gay bar in a rural area.  It looks like it could be nice.  It’s tough at first.  You think it can only get better, but it only gets worse.  This feeling.  This feeling is knitting a dishtowel.  I prefer embroidering towels. 

So sometime this week, I will be casting on one of the two reasons I got into knitting—the coffee cozy.

I did finish a present for someone and will post it this coming week (it is super small and my knitting group got a sneak peek).

Also, tomorrow, stay on the look out for a post about men and knitting with a disturbing video.


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